Property Management

ELITE offers a wide range of customized property management services to fit your needs as a homeowner.



Tenants can submit maintenance requests online which creates a work order and will then be communicated with our vendors. All of this is tracked seamlessly in our software which means property maintenance issues are resolved faster, keeping tenants happier!

When a tenant contacts us regarding maintenance, our first step is to troubleshoot the issue directly with them. If we can resolve the issue on the phone, there is no charge to either you or the tenant.

If the maintenance item cannot be resolved in this way, then a qualified technician is dispatched to resolve the issue.

Our technicians are great at determining if the maintenance issue is caused by the tenant, and if so we will work to recover the expenses from them.



  • Secure Owner Portal

  • Easy-to-read owner statements

  • Expenses, including the original invoice from vendor (ELITE does not mark up maintenance charges)

  • On-demand access to all of your monthly and year-end tax statements

  • Monthly proceeds can be directly deposited to your bank account

  • Owners can securely send funds for emergency maintenance repairs via eCheck or Credit/Debit card

Rent collection

  • Secure Tenant Portal allows tenants to pay their rent online

  • Tenants can use the portal to pay once/establish recurring payments/make last minute payments

  • Funds are received quickly and securely

  • Payment options include E-Check, Credit Card, Electronic Cash Payments, and mail


management Fee

8% of the monthly rent

  • No up-front fees

  • No management fee if vacant

  • No fees added to maintenance costs

  • No year-end document fees

  • Can cancel at anytime without a cancellation fee